Meningitis, malnutrition and ‘muru’ moments.

‘Muru’ (pronounced moo-roo) is the Ngambai word for the local staple food, which is made with the flour of sorghum, rice or millet. I love eating it and feel thoroughly spoilt when nurses invite me to eat with them in the middle of the hectic days. We sit together and eat from a central plate with our right hands, taking a piece of ‘muru’ and dipping it in the sauce. Sharing together in God’s provision for us.

I hate meningitis. The statistics for meningitis speak of a third of people dying, a third recovering and a third being left with long-term consequences. The statistics are more harrowing when you see the families and patients affected.

I hate malnutrition. Some of the children come in so malnourished that they can’t fight against the acute infection that has brought them in to hospital. There is a fantastic feeding program run by the local Catholic sisters. So it is great to see the children who do recover from their acute infection, enrolled with people who can help.

In the middle of the stresses of dealing with meningitis and malnutrition, I am always thankful for the ‘muru’ moments.