Marseille 2011

Greetings from Marseille!  I am half way through my 6 weeks here.  Some days the French flows better than other days.  I am shadowing a GP in a rural medical practice around an hour away from Marseille.  The vocabulary that I am learning is mostly in the presentation of problems by the patient.  It is a fantastic learning opportunity and I am extremely grateful to Dr Houn and his wife for their help.

For the first 2 weeks, I was house-sitting and cat-sitting for a Scottish family and I am very grateful for the use of their house.  Though I am less thankful to the cat for the frequent gifts of nearly-dead lizards and mice!  I am now living in a shared flat with a girl from the Christian Union in Marseille.

Me on St. Victoire.

I am involved in my local church here and am also involved in a puppet presentation of the story of Jonah that the AIM team here are doing on Saturday 14th May.  I am managing to squeeze in some time with friends here, some Frisbee practices (for a different knowledge of vocabulary) and I finally managed to climb the local mountain, St Victoire.

Return to France

I am returning to Marseille for 6 weeks more language study from 11th April to 27th June.

I spent 3 months last year in language school in Marseille.  In spite of the bin-men striking, I settled well into the city, finding tons of friends, a welcoming church and a friendly Frisbee team!

This time I am hoping to shadow some doctors to improve my French for working.  I would really value prayers, as the more I know, the harder it is to discipline myself to improve.

If you are in south France, do visit and I will have internet access, so keep in touch!