Sitting on a mat

Here in Bebalem, some of the most important, refreshing, energising and fun moments are had by sitting with friends on mats under trees.
The photo is of me and my adopted Granny, Rebekah, enjoying some time together. I spend a lot of time with Granny Rebekah, who suffers with arthritis in her knees, so can’t move far and is always at home, happy to have visitors. When I’m finding work hard, or the culture or community challenging, she chats to me, feeds me, encourages me and prays for me. She chatters away in Ngambai, the local language, so it keeps me on my toes, as she understands no French!

I have had no outgoing e-mail for weeks, as the reception has not been strong enough, so please be patient with me if you have sent me an e-mail and I have not answered.
Sometimes ‘snail mail’ is faster here than waiting for the reception to be strong enough to send or receive an e-mail.