Teaching English in Chad

Since 2015, during my time in Chad, I’ve been teaching English at the “Knowledge Centre” (Centre de Connaissance) in Abeche, a large town in east Chad.

The centre consists of a library, reading room, conference facilities, short term accommodation and classrooms.  There is a Chadian manager who lives on site with his family.

We teach using a curriculum.  There are 10 levels, each lasting 10 weeks, with written and oral exams at the end of each level.  There are 3 terms a year, so it is possible to finish all 10 levels in just over 3 years.

There is a wide range of students studying at the centre, coming from both Sudan and Chad and with both Arabic and French as their educational language.  Some arrive having very little experience in writing using Roman script.

I teach level 1 and I have a lot of fun as the weeks progress and their English becomes good enough to express themselves.

Short term teachers and long term teachers are both welcomed at the centre.


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