Greetings from ‘on-the-road’, which has it’s moments of being encouraging, puzzling and exhausting.

The encouragements are mostly to do with meeting people  – groups and individuals – who pray for me.  Friends, relatives and churches have shown an interest in hearing about the work in Chad and in praying for me as I prepare.  People have fed me, given me accommodation, asked questions, helped me prepare me house for letting, kept me company and supported me.  Since my return from France in December, I’ve been very well supported and am very grateful to everyone for this.

The puzzling bits are with timing.  My timing is different from God’s but His timing is always best.  Waiting for His timing and knowing why is often puzzling.  Some answers come quicker than others.

The exhaustion is with all the travelling.  My belongings are scattered between many places and I never seem to have the things that I need where I am!  Travelling is good, but lacks routine.  I’m never the best to settle for routine, being very impromptu, but the constant lack of routine is exhausting.

I am very grateful to God for His timing in the preparation.  And very grateful to the friends and family that have supported me along the journey.  Preparation has been a long journey in itself.  But God’s timing is best.

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