Dust Storm!

I wish that I had a photo of this one. As I finished teaching English class, a huge dust storm rolled in from the desert. It was a huge wall of black and grey cloud, looking like a large wave surging forward. It was moving fast. I jumped in a ruckshaw, but realised that the wall of dust had already passed my house and we were going to have to head straight for it! As we entered it, the wind whipped dust and pieces of rubbish around and even into the ruckshaw. Even using clothes to cover my eyes and mouth and nose, a lot of dust got in. The ruckshaw driver put on the head-lights, as we could see very little, as it was dark inside the cloud of dust, like in thick fog, but darker instead of white. We made it to my front gate and I felt my way through unlocking the 2 padlocks to let me in through the gate and then the front door. Inside my house is also full of the dust that the wind blew in. (Instead of glass windows and solid doors, we have metal slats and mosquito netting, neither of which stops wind and dust.) My belongings look like they have been sitting for weeks, while I only left the house 2 hours ago. Even as I type, the dust continues to settle. One hour, and it is all over, but the dust still settling and a few more gusts of wind. And thankfully a drop in temperature of 10*C! Now to start mopping up the dust.

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