Normality…for a third culture kid

Emunah has settled here in Chad.  She thinks that it is normal to see goats, donkeys and horses in the street and to take a bath in the middle of the living room floor in a wide bucket.

She loves reading books with us and watching youtube videos of elephants or cartoons with frogs or sheep in them.  She asks to draw and colour with her crayons.  Her vocabulary is extensive, though sometimes her chattering is not yet understandable.  She sings and dances and swings from anything she can reach.

I guess in some ways her life isn’t that different from a child anywhere in the world.  Except women in the market give her vegetables as presents if she’s in a sling on my back.  And many of the children that she hangs out with don’t have a language in common with her.  In fact many of the adults she meets don’t speak to her in English but in Chadian Arabic or in French.  She gets very excited if we say that we’re going out somewhere, gets her hat and her sandals and runs to the gate.  She loves riding in rickshaws and sings with joy, interspersed with cries of animal names and sounds as she spots them at the side (or in the middle) of the road.



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