Rice fields and a rest

Having just worked non-stop for the 14 days since I got back from conference, it was nice to have a rest last weekend and get out to see the rice fields.

It is nice having time to simply spend with people. I also did some baking, some reading and some housework. It is strange just how similar a day could sound to a day in Scotland, but when I add that I had no running water or electricity, had to struggle along paths deep in sand and was eating off a communal platter with people and even sharing the same cup, somehow it seems a world away from Scotland. Having said that, it is the same moon that lights our sandy paths with cow-drawn carts here, as the moon which lights the tarmac and cars back in Scotland.

Work at the hospital is extremely busy for this time of year. There are around 45 children in the Paediatrics ward and still often 2 children to a bed in the High-care area. We have had some interesting cases and we have some interesting conversations with some of the patients and their carers.

Each patient has one or two people (or sometimes the whole family) arrive at the hospital to care for them, preparing their meals, paying for their medicines and going to the well for water for them to wash and drink. At night they all sleep on mats, sometimes beside the beds and sometimes outside the ward. With it being so busy, it is also very crowded.

Please pray for strength, for wisdom and that I’ll know when to study, when to spend time in the hospital, when to rest and when to be out socialising. Socialising gets me into interesting conversations with people, but I need to learn to study and sleep sometimes as well!

PS This was originally written on 1st November, but trying to share a photo with you all via the internet takes a lot more reception than we’ve had lately. So I will go out for a wander in the garden again, with my laptop held high in the hope that the reception is somewhat faster than the last few days!

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  1. 14fvm
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 08:14:23

    Great to get your news. Our group are together again on 27th Nov.


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