Learning in Kenya

Kijabe hospital
I have been given a wonderful opportunity for 2 months of further training in Obstetrics (delivering babies) in a big church-owned hospital in Kenya (Kijabe hospital). In Bebalem hospital, Chad, we have to cover every speciality in any patient that comes in the door of the hospital, although it is nurses that do all of the operations. Having received a bit of training in Obstetrics in Scotland, there were still large gaps and things that I can better learn in another African hospital. I arrived at the start of February and will be staying until nearly the end of March 2013.

It is a great privilege to go along on the teaching ward round 6 mornings a week and to be able to ask the consultants and senior doctors for advice and participate in discussions of difficult cases. The enthusiasm for evidence-based medicine and the supportive environment of the ward rounds are fantastic opportunities for me to learn. There are also teaching sessions every day at lunch and some mornings, so I’m learning a lot.

Culture Shock
It is not only a privilege to learn things at the hospital, but to experience the difference of life here. The amazing variety of fruit and vegetables, the coldness, altitude and differences in culture are all challenging and I’m learning a lot. I’m also perhaps able to reflect more on what I’m learning in Chad.

Trying to switch from using French and Ngambai to using English and Swahili has really given me a challenge and left my head in a linguistic mess!

Other opportunities
I had the opportunity to go to a missionary conference in Feburary, which challenged us all to ‘abide’ in Jesus. It was great catching up with people that I haven’t seen in years.

I got a day off last Saturday and got to climb a large volcano called Longonot. I saw some Giraffe and Zebra. It was good to be able to rest for a day and leave the hospital, even to do something so touristy!

The break from responsibility is a welcome relief. I am sleeping a little more peacefully here. Please pray that I will settle back in to the work in Bebalem quickly when I return.

Prayer and Praise
Praise God for this opportunity. Pray that I will be able to choose the things that we can easily apply in Chad that will increase our care for pregnant ladies. Please pray that I will spend the remaining month learning useful things. Thank you for your prayers. I have great internet access while in Kenya, so do contact me while I am here as I’d love to hear your news while it is possible for me to do so!

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