Visiting Health Centres in rural Chad

I had the great privilege of visiting some health centres in extremely rural locations. The roads were challenging, although I got to see some nice tarmac and a really nice bridge, but there was also deep sand, deep water, a treacherous mixture of the two and bridges only as wide as my vehicle!
In each health centre, I got to see many patients (between 15 and 40 each day). The visits are an encouragement to the staff, who are normally isolated. I was travelling with the health centres chaplain, who meets with the staff and the local church staff, encouraging them in their work. The staff deal with the challenges of lack of medicines, lack of laboratory tests, lack of medicines and isolation from support.
The language of communication varies depending on the health centre and we saw people of many different tribes. Some of the cases I saw were complex, some simply needed referred to a hospital (sometimes very far away) and some patients were just struggling to respond to treatment.
Please pray for these nurses and health centre staff in their task of providing good quality health care in such a challenging setting. While we get in the vehicle to go back to the hospital at the end of the day, they stay on, working in places that many people could not even live!

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