An anchor in the storm

We’ve been through a lot in the last few weeks.  We are in the middle of being evacuated from Chad for medical (non Covid) reasons.

But God has been equipping me.  I am not saying that leads to calm, peaceful days, but more that it is something to cling to in the emotional rollercoaster that we are going through.  An anchor in the storm.

So over the last few weeks, in the process of different Bible readings, there have been 5 verses that have jumped out and seared their place in my thoughts.  I am no artist, but my way of processing these verses has been to copy them out and put them up on the wall of our house.  And now as we’ve left the house, I thought I would leave three of them on here.  As a digital reminder, when physical reminders aren’t possible.

We are clinging to God as our Refuge in the uncertainty.  With Covid 19, there are a lot of uncertainties in everyone’s lives.  I hope these verses can bring hope to you the way they have to me, in these uncertain times.

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