Happy New Year 2021!

Greetings from Scotland!

Unfortunately I had (non covid related) health problems in May that necessitated evacuation from Chad. Given the uncertainty with Covid, we evacuated as a family and arrived in Inverness, Scotland, where a church friend is kindly letting us use his house.

I was seen very quickly (after an initial 2 week quarantine,after our travels) and am very grateful for the NHS care. My health improved.

We have some exciting news. We look forward to welcoming a new Tuwi at some point this year. The baby is due in May, but I will be getting regular appointments and scans from February, to catch any problems early on. Emunah needed to be delivered 10 weeks early, but we are hoping and praying that this baby stays healthy inside for longer.

We would greatly value prayers for us as a family. This is definitely not where we envisioned finishing 2020, but we are definitely here until at least May!

We are very grateful to church folk, friends and family, for their support during this transition.

Our long term hope is still to return to Chad, but we have no idea when this will be possible.

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